Corporate, (non)profit and other organisations

Corporations and other (non) profit organisations are important actors when it comes to human rights issues. And even more when it comes to environmental issues.

It has been progressively recognised in International Law that Human Rights have also become Business’ business. As a general accountability issue but also from a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) perspective.

In many recent and future CSR initiatives, like the UN Global Compact or ISO CR 26000, respecting human rights play a crucial role.

We ask all sorts of organisations, including commercial corporations, to join our quest for having environment accepted and respected as a human right globally.

In relation to the Right to Environment, in practice it would mean that your organisation should fully run on renewable energy and compensate CO2 emissions, should not use toxic materials in products, recycle, use resources from sustainable origins (such as FSC wood), should ensure your whole chain of suppliers is compliant too, etc. You can also report on how your organisation - in practise - respects the Right to Environment.

We know that nowadays many organisations aim to respect and sometimes even to improve the environment. Those organisations we kindly invite to join and support us. Both practically and financially. And you will be named.

We will, however, not let this crucial issue be used for so-called “Greenwashing”. Organisations that do not practice what they preach will be avoided and shamed. It’s up to you to really choose for the good.

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